Took a Drive

After my last blog writing session I decided I needed to get out of the house and clear my head. Best way to do that? Drive up the curviest road in the area and head into Virginia City. Now usually I don’t go all the way up to this quaint small town, but that day I wasn’t done driving once I got to my normal turn around spot.

IMG_3691 copy_1

It was  a little hazy on looking across the valley from Geiger Grade. I usually try to do this drive in my littler car but it was under the weather and so my jeep did the trek with me. Not as fun going around those corners so slowly but still good enough to clear my head and just drive.

Once I got up to Virginia City, I drove around town for a bit and only stopped once for this set of pictures.

This is the courthouse. Notice anything different about their Justice? She isn’t blinded with a handkerchief. I don’t know why but I have always liked this about her.

Continuing on my journey. I drove around some more but then my husband text me to run an errand. So, I headed back down the hill….. well, I stopped at the outskirts of town because there was a few pictures that I wanted to get of town from the top of a hillside right at the town limits.

I pulled into the large dirt turnout, grabbed my camera and realized that the hill was steeper then I had first thought. Oh yeah, I was also in flip flops…. What kind of photographer would I be if I didn’t at least try to hike up the vertical wall in front of me? So off I went, slipping and sliding, trying will all my might trying not to slide back down to the bottom. Just so you know, sage brush is very strong and will help you traverse the rocky terrain of Northern Nevada. I struggled my way to the top and started snapping photos.

After I took these I started looking around trying to figure out how I was going to get back down and then I saw the gate…… there was a road/trail that had a nice sloping way up from the dirt lot I parked in. But on that gate I could see the back of a sign. Yup you guessed it. A NO TRESPASSING sign. o_O Uh oh…..


I hightailed it back to the correct side of the gate to confirm my intuition… yep, not only one but two signs stated the not so obvious while climbing the hill. In all honesty, there was no sign at the bottom of the hill… well there are two (that you can see from the picture) but none of them said NO TRESPASSING. Now that I was on the correct side I thought it a bit humorous so I took this.



I meandered my way back down the nice slope of a road no longer trespassing. Took a couple more photos and then headed back home.

This type of drive was exactly what I needed to clear my head and face the feelings that were forcing their way to the surface. I will end here with a couple of the last photos I took. I’m ok and I’m getting better. I’m just glad I listen and know what to do when I have those “off” days.


Vacation… Oasis

In helping others, I also have to make sure I help myself as well. If I am tired or run down I cannot help my family let alone the people that I may come in contact with. As I am typing this I am sitting in my beautiful back yard in the shade of my tree. The slight breeze is just enough to keep me cool in the 85 plus degree weather. Perfect for being outdoors. The birds are chirping and cooing as my cats attempt to lure them to the yard with their chatters, momentarily taking a break to chase a bug flying by.

This yard has become my oasis. Where I come to refill my tank once it runs dry from all of the hustle and bustle of work and life. It’s even better if my husband gets to join me. We will have morning coffee out here. Sometimes we talk about or plans for the day or future things we want to do (brainstorm more plans for the yard) :). Sometimes we just just sit in silence, or at least the silence of our yard, the neighbors dogs tend to interrupt the silence more than we would like. But, if you can get past the barking dogs and homeowners mowing lawns or trimming vines and bushes, this is the perfect place to be.

So far, this vacation is my favorite! I know it just started, but I get to be at home with my family. Even though this week has been more event filled then it is when I am answering 911 calls and radio traffic, I have found the time to spend with my husband son and our extended that is in from out of town. My husband has busted @$$ to finish the concrete wall for our courtyard and helped me in amazing ways getting my garden to be just perfect this year. I can’t wait to show you my new hanging strawberry patch!!!IMG_6552

We bought our house 4 years ago this passed February and every year we do just a little bit more. Is it perfect? Heck no! But, it is perfect for us in this moment, just like it was perfect in the moment we bought it. Imagine this…. A sage green with brown trim one story ranch style house on a less than busy side street. Perfect right? Just wait… The front yard has dirt and every weed that Northern Nevada has to offer, as well as the side yard, AND the back yard. There in the back stands this large sickly tree looming over the house. Has this thing ever been watered!?! An old clothes line takes up a large part of the yard. A patio cover extends from the roof and does provide some shade but has little effect when it rains as the rain makes it through the not even close to code, rickety tin roof and plywood. Can you see it? Not at all an oasis but it was ours.

So much planning and re-planning has been put into this place. A pond was dug, never filled with water and then filled back in with dirt then grass laid down. Trees have been planted, flowers bloom, and it even produces food! During the summer you can usually find large zucchini and squash plants trying to over take the patio, onions growing like crazy, endless amounts of strawberries (as long as you get to them before the earwigs and rolly pollies. Hence the new hanging patch), tomato plants growing out of their cages and bell peppers in every color. Insert long sigh here. Sweat equity abounds.

This is my life, the more I take the time to enjoy the little things, the hear and now; I get my tank refilled and am ready to step back into the rolls of wife, mom and dispatcher. I don’t get to spend nearly enough time for me with work, overtime and life. I am taking time for me this vacation. No traveling. No schedule. Just me, my family and whatever we choose to do.

Intro to Elle

It’s Saturday, but it is my Friday. Tonight at 6pm when I walk out the doors of this building I will be starting my 2 week vacation. What do I do for work? I am a 911 Public Safety Dispatcher. Long hours, stressful calls, and people yelling fill my day. It is an exhausting and thankless but rewarding career. Why do I tell you this? Because I want you to know me and what I do apart from the time that I am learning about essential oils and being a Mom, Wife and Wellness Advocate.

I am not always the best with words but I will try to communicate what I do and what my passions are in life through the words that I type on this screen.

How rude of me, I forgot to introduce myself…. I’m Elle. This is how I describe myself. I am a wife, mother, mom boss times 2 (Yes, I am crazy enough to have 2 businesses), and  public safety dispatcher. I am a lover of life, outdoors, and family time.

I live in one of the most beautiful areas, where California meets Nevada at the Eastern edge of the Sierra Mountains. Lakes, mountains, valleys and deserts surround me and if I want I can jump in the car and cruise down to the ocean and be there in 3 hours.

You will learn more about me as I continue to write in the posts to follow.

I LOVE my job(s). Dispatching gives me the opportunity to help people in what could be the worst day of their lives. Photography gives me the opportunity to capture people on some of the happiest days of their lives. Being a Wellness Advocate with dōTERRA gives me the opportunity to help people live their life with alternative solutions to today’s pharmaceuticals or toxic cleaning products. I am in the business of helping people no matter what job you see me doing.

Helping people is my PASSION. Follow along as I continue to learn about essential oils, photograph people and places and tell cops where to go 😉