dōTERRA arōmatouch Technique Certification

Sorry I have been MIA for the last week. I ended up working an 8, 12, and two 16 hour days on top of getting certified for aromatouch Technique through dōTERRA essential oils.

This certification training was the first experience that I had with the aromatouch Technique. I was blown away with how relaxing it was even with 12 other people in the room talking.

This is not a massage as there is not muscle manipulation going on. But, it is as relaxing if not more relaxing than a massage. For me massages tend to hurt when they are really digging into knots in the muscles. With the aromatouch there is no pain. It is a series of touch movements paired with 8 different oils that have been combined for their relaxation, detoxifying, soothing and invigorating properties. Even with eight different oils being used the scent that you are left with is not overpowering or off putting.

When I took this training I did not have a massage table and to do this training as effective and relaxing as possible for the person on the table I purchased one through Amazon. I love Amazon Prime! This table was delivered yesterday…. on a SUNDAY! Who does that? I don’t know who delivered it but I love that they did. As soon as I unpacked the table and set it up my husband jumped up on the table ready for his session.

Tables up and husband is ready.

Remington couldn’t wait for his

This technique is done on the back, head and feet. Starting just above your booty going all the way to the crown of your head. Different touches are used to help you relax with your sympathetic and parasympathetic areas being worked on. 

Your feet get 3 different techniques used on them

My husband ended up falling asleep on the table and slept amazing last night. 

If you are local to the Reno/Tahoe/Truckee area and are interested in this technique please contact me. I would love to introduce you to this amazing technique. 

And just for giggles my cats have decided that my massage table is now theirs. 


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